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Science Fiction Serial Movies

Serial movies, chapterplays, cliffhangers. These are the stories that defined sci-fi for a generation of moviegoers. Each week another episode was shown to viewing public, who would in turn watch their heros battle the forces of evil over and over again. Death Rays, ray-guns, mechanical robots, singing cowboys, rocketships, these were all standard fare week to week.

So, maybe you've seen the Star Trek: Voyager episodes where Harry and Tom play "Captain Proton" on the Hollodeck, or you've caught "Zombies from the Stratosphere" on AMC recently, or maybe you've been a fan all along. In any event, you've been searching the 'net for more info, and wound up here. WELCOME!

This is my tribute to the weekly sci-fi cliffhangers. There are about 50 or so I have listed here, all of which have some sci-fi content to them. If you would like to add some more info on something, or if you see some "mis-information" please let me know.

Most of the information presented here has come from the following sources:

(1920) Flaming Disk, The
(1920) Invisible Ray, The
(1920) Screaming Shadow, The
(1920) Branded Four, The
(1921) Diamond Queen, The
(1921) Nan of the North
(1921) Sky Ranger, The
(1922) Radio King, The
(1925) Power God, The
(1926) Officer 444
(1926) Scarlet Streak, The
(1927) Blake of Scotland Yard
(1929) Diamond Master, the
(1930) Voice From the Sky
(1934) Vanishing Shadow, The
(1935) Lost City, The
(1935) Phantom Empire, The Available
(1936) Flash Gordon Available
(1936) Undersea Kingdom Available
(1937) Dick Tracy Available
(1937) S.O.S. Coastguard Available
(1938) Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars Available
(1939) Buck Rogers
(1939) Blake of Scotland Yard
(1939) Phantom Creeps, The Available
(1940) Mysterious Dr. Satan, The Available
(1940) Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Available
(1941) Adventures of Captain Marvel, The Available
(1941) Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc.
(1942) Captain Midnight Available
(1943) Batman
(1944) Captain America Available
(1944) Great Alaskan Mystery, The
(1945) Manhunt of Mystery Island Available
(1945) Monster and the Ape, The
(1945) Purple Monster Strikes, The Available
(1946) Crimson Ghost, The Available
(1947) Brick Bradford
(1947) Jack Armstrong
(1948) Bruce Gentry - Daredevil of the Skies
(1948) Superman Available
(1949) Batman and Robin Available
(1949) King of the Rocket Men
(1950) Atom Man vs. Superman Available
(1951) Captain Video
(1951) Flying Disc Man from Mars Available
(1951) Mysterious Island
(1952) Radar Men from the Moon Available
(1952) Zombies of the Stratosphere Available
(1953) Lost Planet, The

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