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War of the Worlds

Due out in June 2005 - based on the H.G. Wells 1898 story, as he depicted events in the book. Currently being produced by both Paramount (2004) and Pendragon Pictures (2005) as separate projects.

News and Reviews

Paramount to Produce
09/07/02 - Paramount Pictures has annouced that it will now produce it's version of HG Well's story starring Tom Cruise (who will also serve as Producer). The Paramount version is set to release sometime in 2004. - SneakPeek3

02/18/02 - Pendragon Pictures is at work planning the retooled production of WAR OF THE WORLDS, placed in its original setting and time. “September 11th destroyed any possibility of an updated version of WAR OF THE WORLDS,” says director Timothy Hines. “At first, I felt we shouldn’t do it at all. Then I realized that would be giving in, letting the terrorists win. So we went back to the source. I’m very happy that we are going in this direction with WAR OF THE WORLDS and we have nothing but support from the world.”

Charles R. Keller II, Director of The H. G. Wells Society, wrote to his worldwide members, “I have since learned from the Pendragon website that they will continue with the project. The release will be delayed as they abandon their ‘updated’ version and re-write the script and re-tool the entire production to its proper late-Victorian setting. I applaud Pendragon Pictures for their decision. Perhaps H.G. will finally have his most famous novel put to film in a way not seen before. The potential for this project is enormous and I hope you will join me in supporting Pendragon Pictures in this.”

Ann Robinson, the female star of the original 1953 George Pal classic version wrote Pendragon Pictures, “I am so pleased that you are creating the film around the original time frame that H.G.Wells depicted in his book. When we filmed the George Pal version, it was right after WW2 and George Pal wanted to show that technology is not the answer to all human problems. Faith in oneself and a higher order is necessary to meet the challenges of everyday life. Heroes rise to the challenge. They have been educated and have the experiences to know that their sacrifice matters. Mr. Pal was a master at communicating his message.”

“We’ve been contacted by Jeff Wayne’s people about a cross-promotion with his planned tour of his musical rock opera version of WAR OF THE WORLDS, originally performed by Justin Hayward of the MOODY BLUES with narration by Richard Burton, currently released through SONY,” reveals Susan Goforth, “I don’t know if something will work with them, but its more confirmation that we are on the right course.” - Pendragon Pictures

02/18/02 - Due to many similarities between the planned version of WAR OF THE WORLDS and the World Trade Center attack, Pendragon Pictures is pushing production of WAR OF THE WORLDS back one year, in which time the screenplay is being reworked. This new version will be an accurate adaptation of the Wells classic story placed in its original 1898 setting. - Pendragon Pictures

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