Forbidden Planet

Directed by: Fred McLeod Wilcox
Length: 98 Minutes
Rated: NR
Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis

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Classic science fiction, set in AD 2200 on the planet Altair II, where an Earth ship lands to contact Professor Morbius (Walter Pidgeon) and his beautiful daughter Alta (Anne Francis). Suddenly the ship (C-57-D) is attacked by an invisible entity, whose beastlike outline is only visible when it touches the vessels forcefield sheild. Nicholas Nayfacks's MGM production has overtones of a whodunit thriller (what is this bizarre alien killer and where does it come from?) and has out standing technology - from Robby the robot to the subterranean city of the long-dead krell race to Morbius's futuristic home to the spacecraft and land cruisers. Directed by Fred Mcleod Wilcox from a Cyril Hume script said to be inspired by Shakespeare's The Tempest. Creature Features

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Forbidden Planet

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