Destination Moon

Directed by: Irving Pichel
Produced by: George Pal
Screenplay by: Robert Heinlein
Length: 92 Minutes
Rated: Approved
Warner Anderson, Tom Powers

Fearing that some other less benign nation than the United States might capture control of the Moon, a businessman arranges an expedition to the Moon in a gleaming, atomic powered rocket. Apart from a mishap enroute, in which a crewman accidentally becomes detached from the ship and has to be rescued, the trip is without incident. After landing, setting up the base, preparations are made to return…except there isn't enough fuel to take everyone back. But all problems are resolved, and the ship returns with all hands safely to Earth.

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George Pal production depicting man's first flight to the moon - 19 years before it happened. The pseudodocumentary style emphasizes difficulties of space walks, weightlessness and other scientific curiosities. Authentic for its day, it now seems tame. Chesley Bonestell's lunar drawings are excellent. Creature Features

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Destination Moon

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