20 Million Miles to Earth

Directed by: Nathan Juran
Length: 82 Minutes
Rated: NR
William Hopper, Joan Taylor

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A space probe returning from Venus, damaged by a meteor, crashes into the ocean off sicily. A tiny diosaurlike creature (a venusian specimen) survives the impact but our atmosphere causes it to grow at an accelerated rate-all to quickly it assumes monstrous proportions, crashing through the Roman forum and the Temple of Saturn while army combat units pursue with flamethrowers. This Columbia low-budgeter (directed by Nathan Juran; written by Bob Williams and Christopher Knopf) has outstanding stopmotion work by Ray Harryhausen, whose Ymir Creature is one of his finest. Creature Features

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20 Million Miles to Earth
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20 Million Miles to Earth
20 Million Miles to Earth

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