Directed by: Gordon Douglas
Length: 93 Minutes
Rated: NR
James Whitmore
Edmund Gwenn

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Man has split the atom and created the ultimate weapon. But how could he have known he would also create Them!?

Them! is a landmark movie about giant radiation-mutated ants that gets better with age and features remarkable, Academy Award-nominated special effects. It "holds up today not only as a science-fiction thriller but as a suspense/mystery yarn" (The Creature Features Movie Guide).

Starring James Whitmore, James Arness and Edmund Gwenn, Them! begins in New Mexico with a child wandering in shock, a ransacked general store - and a battered corpse full of enough formic acid to kill 20 men. It ends with an epic struggle in the 700 miles of storm drains under Los Angeles, where the insct hordes are beaten. But they're not conquered, because they've spawned a generation of films about radioactive creatures. Some have approximated the terror but none have equalled the artistry of Them! Back-of-the-Box

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