Day the Earth Stood Still, The

Directed by: Robert Wise
Screenplay by: Edmund H. North
Length: 88 Minutes
Rated: G
Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal

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One of the first films to portray aliens from space as advanced saviors rather than menacing monsters, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL has become a classic "atomic movie" of the 50's. Klaatu (Michael Rennie) Lands in Washington accompanied by a huge robot armed with an awesome death ray as well as capabilities far beyond anything the earth has ever seen. His mission is a peaceful one, but only a pretty young woman (Patricia Neal), her young son, and one eminent scientist (Sam Jaffe) will hear the alien out. The rest of the human race reacts with mistrust, fear and violence, leading Klaatu to demonstrate his unearthly powers in a mindboggling lesson for all mankind. A combination moral fable and sci-fi thriller, this visionary film "piques the curiosity with a uranium-tipped spear and holds the attention like the incantations of a master-sorcerer." Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

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Day the Earth Stood Still, The

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