This Island Earth

Directed by: Joseph M. Newman
Length: 87 Minutes
Rated: NR
Jeff Morrow, Faith Domergue

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It's death rays, mutant bugs, college sweethearts turned nuclear fission experts and a visit to the planet Metaluna via spaceship in this 1955 science fiction film which is now regarded as the archetypal sci-fi flick of the Fifties. The classic out-of-this-world fantasy stars Faith Domergue and Rex Reason as a pair of rocket scientistswho are spirited away from earth by the mysterious alien, Exeter (Jeff Morrow), to aid in the defense of his planet against the nefarious Zahgons.

But the two romantically inclined scientists are determined to escape even if it means a battle to the death with bug-eyed creatures, a perilous flight through a meteor storm and a race through space in Exeters flying saucer. The incredible special effects were 2 1/2 years in the making and it was filmed in "out of this world Technicolor." So grab your popcorn, assembly your interociter and get ready to rocket off to This Island Earth. Back-of-the-Box

(4 Stars) Sincere adaptation of Raymond F. Jones novel resulted in a classy Universal-Internation sci-fi epic with abundant effects by Clifford Stine and Stanley Horsley……It was excitingly directed by Joseph Newman and crisply edited by Virgil Vogel. The climax is heightened by by a six foot offspring of a giant bug with exposed brain, eyes as big as saucers and blood vessels outside the skin. - Creature Features

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This Island Earth

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