War of the Worlds, The

Directed by: Byron Haskin
Length: 85 Minutes
Rated: G
Gene Barry
Les Tremayne

Martians land on Earth and proceed to destroy all they come across with green death rays.

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HG Wells "The War of the Worlds" is currently in production by Penndragon Pictures. Visit our War of the Worlds (2005) page for more detailed information. Editor

H. G. Wells' chilling novel of the Invasion of the Earth by Martians and his observations dealing with panic and destruction become even more frightening when translated to the cinema. Wells' original story was updated to include the atom bomb; the science-fiction classic won an oscar for its special effects. No one who has seen the depiction of the Martian machines can forget their ominous impact-swan-shaped, ticking and hissing menacingly as they glide along leaving a wake of destruction. Back-of-the-Box

(Five Stars) George Pal's Commendable version of H. G. Wells's novel of a Martian invasion-imaginatively depicted in the Oscar winning effects of Gordon Jennings….Barre Lyndon's script, focusing on research physicist Gene Barry and scientist ann Robinson, sometimes sinks into cliches, yet it unfolds with such compelling swiftness and breathless action that the invasion takes on epic proportions. One suspenseful sequence depicts a bug-eyed martian, another shows Barry Searching for Robinson through war ravaged LA. The opening prologue is beautifully rendered, with the planets described by the splendid voice of Sir Cedric Hardwicke. One of the few sci-fi classics of the cinema. Creature Features

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